-198 lb / BYPASS


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Welcome to the Center for Obesity and Diabetes Dr. Buenaventura Leal. We are a Centre of Excellence for definitive treatment of Obesity and Diabetes . With the best team of Medical Specialists offering the safest and most effective procedures to recover your health , improve your quality of life and increase survival . 

We have the highest standards of quality and safety for our patients. With an update on technological advances and a wide experience of over 18 years in the Comprehensive Treatment of Obesity and Diabetes . Being Reference Center for Specialty Care Patient overweight , obese, metabolic problems , or complications from a previous surgery . 

Surgical techniques offer different as gastric bypass gastric banding , sleeve gastrectomy , Revision Surgery , among others, all with technique Laparoscopy or Minimally invasive to the highest International Standards . 

Our Philosophy : At the Center for Obesity and Diabetes are committed to your health , and we are sure that there is a Final Solution and customized for each person suffering a weight problem . Our Medical Equipment Research was constantly innovating and offering the best medical techniques . Whatever your specific need , our team will offer you a solution to your needs: " Lose weight, no hope ... " in very good health and a better quality of life .

So we know to be Your Best Option in Obesity Surgery and Diabetes.

Center for Obesity and Diabetes / Dr. Buenaventura Leal


In Obesity and Diabetes Center have Excellent Financing options for you to invest in YOUR HEALTH, which is the most important thing we have! FINANCING

  • All our packages are complete surgery, no hidden costs! Our surgical packs include everything needed to make your decision is the best.


Patients Satisfied


"My life changed 360 degrees."

Gastric Bypass -319 lb 

Carlos Flores

“The result was surprising, I feel perfectly, the spots on my neck And in my hands they disappeared” 

Bypass Gástrico -121 lb 

Jose Luis


 Bypass Gástrico -143 lb 

Antonio G

“To put myself in the hands of Dr. Buenaventura was the best thing that happened to me. My life changed completely.”

Bypass Gástrico -198 lb 

J. Ficachi 

Medical Director

Dr. Uriel Chavarría


Lic. Priscila Garza


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