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Once we have sent you information patient coordinator will contact you to clarify any doubts you have about the surgery.

Giving you personal attention from your first call you until the end of surgery.



After clearing all your doubts you request a 15% deposit to reserve the date of surgery. The rest will have to liquidate at least 2 days before surgery.

If you have applied for credit with a financial group, they will be responsible for the direct deposit to the account of Dr. Leal two days before surgery.

They have different payment options such as Credit Card Financing or you make the payment of the deposit in the account of the Centre for Obesity and Diabetes. 

For payment option through deposit to the account of Obesity and Diabetes Centre needed to contact you

patient coordinator to assist you in the process.



Realizarte need some lab tests and X-rays before the surgery you can perform in your city and send to team doctors to review. These studies are to assess current health status to keep you in the best position for your surgery. Add here the tests done that are frequently asked questions.


Care before surgery: is recommended in light to moderate exercise, like walking, and avoid foods with excess fat and avoid drug use (drugs) and / or alcohol weeks before surgery, otherwise tell your doctor . Stopping smoking 15 days before.



In the city of Monterrey awaits the staff of the Center for Obesity and Diabetes.

We will meet you at the airport or bus station according to you what you chose. We'll take you so you can register at the hotel and then to the office of Dr. Buenaventura Leal where you review and will explain how to carry out the surgery the next day. 


In addition to preoperative evaluations you perform in Monterrey Internist, the pulmonologist, the psychologist, the Nutritionist and Anesthesiologist to keep you in the best position for your surgery.





The dietitian will visit the hospital for days that you give to detail instructions on your food and menus to follow. Power plan surgery must be followed to the letter as it is crucial for excellent outcome after surgery. Remember that you have the support of the medical team and the BA in Nutrition can guide you in any questions you have about your Food.





When you return home, you will feel much better and completely restored. You must remember to follow post-operative instructions to the letter. 


If you was surgery performed Lap Band, you first adjustment can be made with a minimum of six weeks after surgery.

Tracking Long-Term Post-Op

Check Tracking at 3, 6 and a year and every year. 

After surgery you, we recommend you keep in touch with Obesity and Diabetes Centre either by phone or email for any questions, comments or suggestions you would like to make are at your command, it is recommended that all patients of either obesity surgeries performed blood tests once a year, this in order to monitor your physical fitness and nutrition. 

Thank you for choosing the Center for Laparoscopic Obesity to change your quality of life.

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